Saturday, May 10, 2014

Graduate - Can You Find the 'Right Career'?

Have a read of this link:  Career Advice from Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs'.  In the last two paragraphs, Mike lays it out plain.   There's no better teacher than experience.  It really feels good to be indispensable.  Seriously consider how you define 'success' and what makes you 'happy.'
Just out of happenstance, I was talking with a fellow at work this week whose brother is a welder with his own welding truck.  He is clearing $200k a year as a welding contractor.  :-)

Another link:  Follow Your Skills Instead of Your Passion.  I'm not sure I agree with all the points Jeffrey Katzenberg is making, however I definitely think there is value in being pragmatic in finding the 'Right Career'.  Don't ignore your skill set and get blinded by your passion.  Also, don't misinterpret what 'skill set' means!  Your 'soft skills' like being personable, carrying on a relaxed conversation, showing an interest in people, being able to listen effectively, being able to write a clear, concise email - these skills are so underrated and undervalued its not even funny.

And yet another link:  Most Meaningful Jobs vs. Least Meaningful Jobs list
This is a pretty exhaustive list of 454 jobs that includes average renumeration, a value for meaning/purpose, stress factor, satisfaction, education level, male vs. female placement, and typical level of education required.