Saturday, June 28, 2014

What Career Will Give Me Good Wages?

Want to know a job to look for that will give you a good salary?  Check out this chart.  This is data from 2013 of national average annual earnings for careers in the USA from the Bureau of Labour Statistics.  Its interesting to note how much medical related jobs figure in the top part of this list (earning more than $175,000 per year).

Click the image above to see the entire list of jobs and wages.  There are 820 of them - it's pretty exhaustive.

Here's some interesting highlights:

I couldn't help but notice the Judges (the blue line at $105,400 in the image above) showed up where they did.  Not only that, but notice the different between the 90th percentile for them (~170K)  versus the 25 percentile (~58K)  One quarter of judges in America make less than $60,000 per year?  Look at all the Manager Positions above them....