Career Resources

Here's a list of links to sites, articles, and videos for grads who are researching career options.  Like the Travel Resources page, my categorization here isn't super rigorous.  Click around and I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

Career Related Books for Grads and Young Adults:
What Should I Do With My Life?
Young Persons Occupational Outlook Handbook
What Color Is Your Parachute For Teens
The Career Chronicles

Career Related Charts:
Most and Least Meaningful Jobs list (454 jobs with salaries and more)
820 occupations and their wages 2013 - US Bureau of Labour Statistics.  Once on the page, click on the image to enlarge

Videos for Grads and Young Adults:
J.K. Rowling's commencement address to Harvard's class of 2008
Steve Jobs' commencement address to Stanford's class of 2005
Oprah's commencement address to Stanford's class of 2008
Ben Carpenter on How to Choose a Career

Career Related Articles for Grads and Young Adults:
What does a real career search look like?  by Cathy Goodwin (Career Testing)
They Don't Teach Corporate in College by Alexandra Levit
What Do I Do? Depends on What Week It Is By Lisa Belkin
The Three-Year Solution By Lamar Alexander
So You Didn't Get A Job. Now What?  By Emily Minthorn
Student Debt: How It Can Affect Your Career  By Laura Manuel
One Week Job Project  By Eleni Papavasiliou
The Halo Effect  By Jason Rhyno
What College Degrees Are Really Worth By Gregory Ferenstein

Career Links for Grads and Young Adults:  A full featured employment, career development, and job finding resource site for youth Geared towards young people trying to get started or find their career Sean Aiken worked one (different) job a week for a whole year to try and figure
out what to do with his life.... Career advice from experts in the field you are interested in
The Escape Artist if you are interested working overseas
AfterCollege a career site for grads
The Care Taker house-sitting and care taking opportunities and information
The Job Hunter's Bible (What Color is Your Parachute web presence)
Back Door Jobs short term job adventures at home and abroad job site
Monster College internships, jobs, and career information
Quintessential Careers lots of resources here to help you find your career
The Rockport Institute for Young Adults
Career Vision
The Job Hunters Bible another good career resource site job site with career resources job site with 'take home pay' calculator. social networking for your career

Career Planning and Self Assessment Resources:
The Personality Desk
Keirsey Temperament Site - get a MAPP assessment - Myers-Briggs assessment - general website for grad job/career search - entry level job site for college grads - online career exploration and job analysis - personalized, insider answers on how to get your dream job

College Career Service Websites: