Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Financing Your Post Secondary Education with Oil

Ever wondered about how to finance your post secondary education?  Growing up in British Columbia, I had no idea that I could work on the oil rigs in Alberta and Saskatchewan to help make money for my education.  However, I've just finished a couple of web sites for the CAODC that help young people find entry level work in the oil patch.  It's hard work, shift work - but its good money and good experience.

Tristan, the leader of one of the bands I play with occasionally,  worked in the oil patch on the rigs for a couple of years to do just that.  He saved money while he was working, then went to school with the money he made.  After doing this for a few years he eventually gained enough experience to start his own cabinet fitting company (that's what he was going to school for). He financed all of his education, his tools, and his truck through his work on the rigs.

The two sites that I've just finished working on that are great resources for finding entry level positions in the oil patch are:

Check them out!

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