Friday, April 4, 2014

Is College Worth It? It Depends on You

Lets face it - post secondary educations are an investment.  I've mentioned this before on my blog in this post.  Some of you may not be ready to face a post-secondary education right out of high school.  I wasn't.  But when you do get to that point, you need to consider it as an investment.  You will be expending considerable resources (time & money) to purchase an education that will hopefully get you a good career.

Get knowlegable!  Once you have a good idea what kind of career might fit you (or you might fit into), investigate schools.  There are some great resources online about which schools will give the the best return on your investement.  Check these links and articles out:

The Economist: Too Many College Degrees are a Waste of Money....

American College ROI (Return On Investment) Report

College Majors with Best ROI (Return On Investment)

Best Majors for Making Money

Majors that Pay You Back

'Degrees of Success' in Canada (pdf)

Canadian University Report Card: Career Preparation

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