Saturday, September 1, 2018

What's Next?

These days getting an college education doesn't mean you'll be working in that discipline for the rest of your life.  Careers are much more fluid.  Job skills are more transferable.  Companies are more flexible, open, and I daresay even keenly interested in people work experience from other industries and practices.  Being agile and nimble are crucial in today's work environment.  Learning doesn't stop when school ends - its just beginning.

What's next for me?  Not sure.

A straight and narrow path - can I walk in it?
Trying to follow the straight and narrow
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Given my experience in IT, I regularly get recruiters looking to potentially hire me for an IT contract from all over.  Its ironic that Google and Apple just dropped their requirement for new hires to have a degree - I was just thinking I might have to get mine in order for my next career steps.  In fact, I've just sent out requests for reference letters to that effect because I'll want to leverage my work experience for credit hours in my application for a degree.

In a couple of years our kids will be all done with regular school.  My wife is itching to move then I think.  I'd like to move as well.  Ensuring I have some kind of 'formal recognition' for my learning and work experience certainly wouldn't hurt my situation if I find myself in a new city without my well established network.

God's plan for us may figure prominently into a move as well.  I really don't know what the next step might be, but I want to be sure I'm following Him.  I pray that whatever road I choose to follow, He could say that I was a good and faithful servant and that like David, I served God's purpose in my generation.

I don't know at this point what 'move' means.  Is it a physical move, or something else?  I pray that I'd be totally open and surrendered to God's plan - easier said that done for this 'me' that I know that is fearful and fickle.  More IT?  Writing?  Teaching?  Volunteering?

Several examples I was reminded of this week...

  • Jimmy Carter and his wife - 93 and 91 respectively - still building habitat for humanity houses
  • Mother Theresa and her work helping the 'poorest of the poor'.
  • Henri Nouwen leaving a distinguished career in teaching to work with the community at L'Arche.

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