Saturday, March 9, 2013

You Can Do Anything

Poking around different websites on experiential learning, I ran into this post by Marcia Conner.  In it, she talks briefly about the limitations we (or others) put on ourselves both real and perceived, and the potential we have if we take advantage of what we've have been given.  I like how her father played a game with her when she was young, turning the question around and asking 'What couldn't you do?'

For me personally in this context, probably the biggest impact on me was from my Grade 6 teacher.  He told my parents that he thought I could do anything I set my heart to.  Under his guidance that year I had expanded in many different ways - I took a lead role in the school Christmas play, done some detailed artwork, memorized multiplication tables up to 18x18, and memorized all the (current) countries and their capitals.  I believed him and his comments still motivate me.

For just a little more motivation and inspiration, this video clip posted recently by a friend on Facebook.  It's from Oprah's Lifeclass...

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