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Welcome to The Grad Gift!  The intent of this blog is to help Graduates - either high school, college,
or university grads - figure out what to do with their lives.  It's essentially some of the guidance I wished for but didn't get between the ages of 17 and 23.  Posts here include my own experiences and lessons learned, links to excellent resources I've found along the way, book reviews, and other's experiences.

The top ten most popular posts currently are:

1. Who Moved My Cheese

2. Summer Work Option During Post-Secondary Education

3. Travel Resources for Graduates and Young Adults

4. When is the Right Time to Pursue a Post-Secondary Education?

5. My Plan After High School Graduation

6. Several Good Links for Graduates

7. Career Resources for Graduates and Young Adults

8. Our River Rafting Guide - Following His Passion Around the Globe

9. Traditional Careers versus Niche Careers

10. Travel After School - My Second Overseas Trip (Europe)

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